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Santa Rosa Ophthalmologist Jay Bansal, MD, medical director of LaserVue Eye Center is a nationally recognized Refractive Surgery specialist. Dr. Bansal is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and the Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance. Recognized as a VISX Star Surgeon and one of “America’s Top Ophthalmologists” by Consumers’ Research Council, Dr. Bansal was among the first eye surgeons in California to perform the LASIK procedure. His career is dedicated to the research, teaching, and practice of advanced vision correction techniques. He has performed over 18,000 successful LASIK procedures and is certified as a trainer to other surgeons on both the VISX™ STAR and IntraLase™ Femtosecond laser systems. Dr. Bansal was the first eye surgeon in Northern California to offer the Wavelight Allegretto excimer laser to Bay Area LASIK patients. As a renowned San Francisco ophthalmologist, Dr. Bansal lectures frequently on vision correction both nationally and internationally.

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Understanding the Differences Between LASIK and Cataract Surgery

When it comes to eye surgeries aimed at improving vision, LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) and cataract surgery are among the most common and widely performed procedures. Despite both being related to vision correction, they serve different purposes and involve distinct surgical techniques. Here’s a comprehensive look at the differences between LASIK and cataract surgery....

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The Gift of Clear Vision: Understanding the Longevity of LASIK Surgery

Canoe On River

In the world of vision correction, LASIK surgery stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking freedom from glasses or contact lenses. But amid the excitement of newfound visual clarity, a common question lingers: How long does LASIK surgery last? Let’s delve into this inquiry and uncover the enduring benefits of this revolutionary procedure....

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Seeing Clearly: Exploring Clear Lens Replacement Surgery

A couple on a mountain

In the realm of vision correction, there exists a myriad of solutions catering to diverse needs and preferences. From glasses to contact lenses, advancements in technology have provided individuals with various options to attain optimal vision. Among these, Clear Lens Replacement (CLR) surgery stands out as a remarkable procedure offering not just visual clarity but...

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Unveiling the Wonders of Flexible Spending Accounts

In a world where healthcare costs continue to rise, and budgeting for medical expenses can be a source of stress, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) stand out as a beacon of financial relief. These accounts, offered by many employers, empower individuals to allocate pre-tax dollars to cover qualified medical expenses, making healthcare more affordable and accessible....

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PanOptix Multifocal IOL

close up of older man's eye - PanOptix Multifocal IOL

Q: What is Panoptix Multifocal IOL (intraocular lens)? A:  PanOptix is a brand of multifocal intraocular lens (IOL) used in cataract surgery and refractive lens exchange (RLE) procedures. It is designed to provide clear vision at various distances, reducing or eliminating the need for glasses or contact lenses after the surgery. Traditional monofocal IOLs are...

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Clearing Up the Fog: A Comprehensive Guide to Cataract Surgery

Imagine a world shrouded in fog, where colors fade, and your vision blurs. For millions of people around the globe, this isn’t just a thought experiment; it’s their reality due to cataracts. Cataracts are a common eye condition that can cloud your vision, making everyday activities like reading, driving, or enjoying the beauty of the...

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Why Botox is the Key to Looking and Feeling Younger

Do you see lines between your brows? Have you started cringing instead of laughing now that you can see your laugh lines? Aging inevitably takes its toll, and the body is part of those changes. While these changes are expected, the more apparent signs of aging can make you feel more self-conscious.  This is especially...

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Is SMILE the Right Vision Correction Procedure for You?

If you wear glasses or contact lenses to see, you may have already considered undergoing a vision correction procedure. However, when most people think about vision correction, the first thing that comes to mind is LASIK.  But LASIK isn’t the only vision correction procedure around. In fact, others are less invasive, like SMILE! SMILE is...

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Have You Pushed Off Dry Eye Treatment for Too Long?

Your eyes are constantly producing tears. This is because your eyes need moisture to stay healthy.  But sometimes, your eyes may struggle to produce tears or retain them. They may struggle with this due to certain environmental factors, but it can also be because of a chronic condition called dry eye syndrome.  If your eyes...

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Experience San Francisco with New Clarity After LASIK

Do you wish you could wake up with crisper vision? Are you tired of the constraints of visual aids? It might be time to consider options beyond glasses and contact lenses like LASIK.  LASIK is one of the most popular elective procedures in the world. The procedure is effective and low risk, with over 95%...

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5 Ways the EVO Visian ICL Improves Your Vision

If you’re considering a vision correction procedure, why not consider the EVO Visian ICL? Most vision correction surgeries like LASIK and PRK use a laser to permanently change the shape of your cornea to correct a refractive error.  But the EVO Visian ICL is different because it implants a lens inside your eye. It’s a...

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Are You the Right Age for Cataract Surgery?

Is your vision blurry? Does it seem like it’s gradually worsening, making it more challenging to do the things you love? These are often some of the signs of having cataracts. Cataracts are one of the most common age-related eye conditions.  Most people will develop cataracts at some point in their life. Although cataracts are...

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Why You’ll Never Look at San Francisco the Same After SMILE

Most people have heard of vision correction procedures. What could be better than permanently achieving visual freedom and saying goodbye to glasses and contact lenses?  But what most people only think of is one procedure: LASIK. LASIK is the most popular elective medical procedure you can undergo.  But that doesn’t mean it’s the only one!...

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7 Signs You’re a Great LASIK Candidate and Don’t Know it Yet

Do you want to stop depending on glasses and contact lenses? For those that qualify, LASIK is one of the best options.  It’s the most commonly performed vision correction procedure, and for a good reason. LASIK can give you total visual freedom from glasses and contact lenses.  The procedure is low risk and has a...

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How to Prepare to Change Your Life with the EVO Visian ICL

Do you long to wake up without fumbling for your glasses or needing to put in contact lenses? A vision correction procedure can improve your life by giving you total visual freedom. One of the newer, lesser-known, but incredibly revolutionary vision correction procedures is the EVO Visian ICL. The EVO Visian ICL is an implantable...

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